1-In order for the reservations to be finalized, the participants must have paid the entire amount of the trip. Participants whose reservations are completed are deemed to have accepted the conditions of the tour.    


2-Child age discounts are valid for a minimum of staying with 2 adults. Child discount is not valid for staying with 1 adult and it is calculated as 2 adults. The price differences and responsibility that will occur when the reported ages of children lose their accuracy belongs to the guest.


3-Regardless of the reason, 24 hours before the tour departure, no refund or transfer to another trip can be made.


4-Bookings that have not been paid on the specified payment date will be canceled without further reminder.


5-Our trips should be carried out with at least 15 people. In cases where there is not enough participation, Ilara Turizm has the right to postpone or cancel the date of the trip.


6-In case the required participation for the tour departure is not achieved, tour will be cancelled. Participant will be informed, for weekly tours,  5 days before the tour departure, for 2-3 days tour, 2 days before the tour departure date,  for daily tours,  1 day before  for the departure.


7-The first or two (two seats on the right) front row of our tours belong to our Tourist guide / Tour leader / Trekking leader.